Ramadan Appeal

Offer a Syrian family a special Ramadan donation

A generation of Syrian children is growing up knowing only war.

By supporting our Ramadan Appeal, you'll be giving children caught up in the Syrian conflict a chance to just be children again.

Many have lost everything: their homes, their friends – even their parents. Over Ramadan, a time when children, friends and family are so important, many will suffer alone.



Your support can help give Syrian children a future to look forward to.

We promise to make sure your donations make a difference. Donate today.


Three children stand outside a doorway in Syria

Zahra, 11, with her brother Mustafa, 5, and her sister Fatima, 3, in the doorway of their family’s temporary shelter in the suburbs of Idlib where they have been living after they were forced to leave their hometown because of the violent clashes and heavy bombardment. The building used to be a coal store so the children are constantly covered in black coal dust. Photographer's Credit: Ahmad Baroudi/Save the Children

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