Ramadan Appeal

Yemen is on the brink of the worst famine in 100 years.

Children are paying the heaviest price. They are facing a deadly triple threat - bombs, disease and hunger.

You can make a real difference this Ramadan by fundraising, donating and getting your community involved.

Fundraise for Yemen

By supporting our Ramadan Appeal, you'll be giving children caught up in the Yemeni conflict a chance to just be children again.

Many have lost everything: their homes, their friends – even their parents. Over Ramadan, a time when children, friends and family are so important, many will suffer alone.

We’ve got some great ideas and materials to help you get involved and raise money. Get started by downloading your fundraising materials now.

Noura* is 15 months old and living in Lahj District, Yemen. She, alongside her 8 year old sister Shadia* and mother Zahra*, 35 were living in a tent in a camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP). 

Noura* suffers from Servere Acute Malnutrition and has been getting treatment from the Save the Children mobile health team.

In January 2019 Save the Children staff were updated that Noura* and her family were able to leave the camp for a new home. 

This year, Ramadan won’t be the same for them. Please give what you can to help families like Noura's.*


Your support can help give the children of Yemen a future to look forward to.

We promise to make sure your donations make a difference.

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