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“Even if I die, no one in the world would know:” Staff stories from Gaza blackout  

GAZA, 31 Oct - As telephone and internet communications are partially restored in Gaza, one Save the Children staff member shares his experience on being cut off from the outside world. *Abdallah, a father, sent these messages, not knowing if they’d be received.  

*Abdallah is a father sheltering with his 2-year-old son: 

“There is very, very violent bombing, and random strikes everywhere. It’s in all areas of the Strip, from the air, sea, and land, and at the same time, there is no communication, transmission, or internet inside the Gaza Strip. 

I’m trying to reach out to people, but there is no connection at all. We could all die, we could survive…pray for us. 

As I understand it, entire neighbourhoods in Gaza City are gone...we have reached a stage in which there is no water, food, fuel, electricity, no communication or internet!” 

I have reached a point of fear where I do not feel anything at all. These are the last words I will send. 

Honestly, we are now just like anyone abroad, anyone far away, who doesn’t know the news or what’s happening to any Gazan who could die at any moment. 

Even if I die, no one in the world would know. After they disconnected the network, and with the insane bombardment, we'll just be numbers. 

Our souls have already died, and our bodies are simply trying to fight to survive.” 

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