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London, 26 August 2022 - Becca Lyon, head of child poverty at Save the Children, said: "The energy price cap announced today of £3549 isn't just 'eye-watering' or 'astronomical' - it is a full-blown economic crisis for thousands of families, whose energy bills will rocket by hundreds of pounds.

“Putting the energy cap into context, if the same rise were applied to everyday family items:

  • Nappies would go from £4.59 to £12.76*
  • Children's school shoes would rise from £16 to £44.47**
  • A supermarket meal deal would jump from £3.50 to £9.73***
  • Baby formula would go from £8.49 to £23.60 ****
  • A school bag would leap from £15 to a whopping £41.69*****

“These costs show just how ludicrous the price rise being slapped onto people's gas and electric bills is. 

"Children are at serious risk from today's announcement and could spend this winter in cold homes, with fewer hot meals, despite the best efforts of their parents and carers. Our children deserve better.

"Families are already squeezed to the limit and while facing increased energy costs, they could also be paying £1000 a month or more on childcare, even with government help. 

"Parents want to do their best for their children but how can they when they're facing costs per month that come to more than their incomes. Debt and hardship are the only likely outcome from today's price cap rise.

“The UK government needs to at least double its cost of living support package for bills and make Universal Credit work for children by increasing the child element of the benefit by £10 per child per week."



Note on prices: The price rises were calculated by assuming all these items will increase in cost by the same proportion as the energy cap. For example, the energy cap was £1971 in Oct 21 and will be £3549 in Oct 22 – 2.8 times larger. We have multiplied today's prices of other domestic products by this same amount.  

*Pack of 78 Aldi nappies

**Pair of boys’ school shoes from George @ Asda

*** Sainsbury’s meal deal

****Aldi baby formula

***** George @ Asda schoolbag


For further media enquiries, contact r.lubin@savethechildren.org.uk