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Parliament’s vote against a ceasefire is ‘heartbreaking’ – Save the Children 

In response to MPs voting against a ceasefire in Parliament,
Gwen Hines, Chief Executive at Save the Children UK, said: 

“This evening’s vote is heartbreaking for anyone who wants to see an end to this conflict. We are running out of words to describe the scale of children’s suffering, but it will only end with pressure from countries like the UK. 

“The level of humanitarian need is beyond comprehension. A child is reportedly killed every 10 minutes in Gaza, and more are injured, displaced, and left without food or water. It is also reported that 30 children are still being held hostage.

“Anything short of a ceasefire is insufficient. Brief pauses in the fighting do nothing to prepare an effective aid operation, or to help to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals. Nor can they tackle starvation or disease. It may feel like we are a long way from a ceasefire, but we will never get there if we do not try.

And for children hoping to survive this nightmare, anything else is unconscionable.”