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Memorial Education Fund

When you set up a Memorial Education Fund, you'll see the memory of a loved one live on in children whose entire lives are transformed through education.

What is a Memorial Education Fund?

A Memorial Education Fund is a unique fund set up in memory of a special person. Children want to learn and with the support from your fund and innovative education programmes we are getting more back to school where they belong. 

Once you've opened a fund, you can keep track of all gifts you give and money you raise. You can share details of your fund with friends and family, and will receive regular updates on how much you've all raised in memory of a loved one.

How do I set one up?

You can set up a Memorial Education Fund by emailing us at supportercare@savethechildren.org.uk or giving us a call on +44 (0)20 7012 6400.

We'll then send you some information about your fund, regular updates about how much you've raised and stories of the children whose lives you've changed.

Ways you can support your fund

How Munni is transforming her community?

 Munni teaching her community at a school in India.  Photo credit: CJ Clarke / Save the Children

Munni is 16 and lives with her family in a slum in India. Munni's community often sees girls marrying at a young age without attending school.

Aged 13, Munni's grandfather and dad arranged for her to get married which would have been the end of Munni's studies. But with the help of our community workers and Munni's mum, her marriage was prevented and she was able to get back into school.

But her story doesn't end there, Munni has now set-up a learning group for other women in her community.  Along with friends from our children's group, she has encouraged women to attend the learning group and is now a passionate activist in educating her community. 

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