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Face to Face Fundraising

Welcome to the team

Thank you for supporting Save the Children

By choosing to sign up with one of our fundraisers you've chosen to do something amazing and help keen children around the world safe, healthy and learning. 



Who you're helping


Jenny, 33, and her two children in their home, holding food purchased with food vouchers provided by Save the Children.

Elvis Gonzalez / Save the Children

Yeremy, seven, and his family are battling with inflation and natural disasters.

They live in Nicaragua’s Nueva Segovia Department, where the pandemic and back to back Hurricanes devastated her family's crops and income.

The rising cost of basic goods and services made it difficult for Yeremy's mum Jenny to provide enough food for her family, which caused her children to become underweight.

We supported the family with vouchers to purchase food and essential items.

Yeremy was thrilled to see all the food his mother brought home and noted how important it will be for his baby sister's health.

“I wanted to come quickly to the house to see everything my mom brought home. I came running home to eat” - Yeremy. 

Banned but not broken

Claudia Vessey / Save the Children

For a long time, sisters Parvana* and Hasina* were banned from going to school. Why? Because they're girls. 

Their parents feared the girls would be harrassed or abducted on the two mile walk to school in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

However, the 14 year olds were determined to get an education. They now attend the Save the Children community school, which is closer to home and run by female teachers.

The duo no longer feel hopeless watching their brothers get ready for school. Because six days a week they’re getting ready for the classroom too!

 "I enjoy school, but I also enjoy it because we have fun with other girls." - Parvana

*Names changed

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It is one of the most impactful ways of inspiring the public about our work while also being one of the most cost-effective ways to generate vital long-term support through regular gifts, which are one of our most important sources of income.

Yes. All of our face-to-face activity is conducted by professional fundraising agencies. Working with fundraising agencies helps us speak to many more supporters than we could do ourselves.

The agencies we partner with are passionate about Save the Children and our work and hold themselves to the same high standards. We expect all our fundraisers to treat you with respect, comply with fundraising regulations and uphold our supporter promise.

We work with our agency partners to ensure that they are providing the best level of service to members of the public and have a dedicated internal team who regularly:

  • observe our fundraisers at work ensure fundraisers are engaging with the public in the best possible manner
  • run regular training sessions
  • monitor welcome calls
  • fundraisers will be wearing a Save the Children branded jacket and t-shirt
  • fundraisers will have a photo ID badge stating which agency they are engaged by on our behalf
  • fundraisers will never ask you for a cash donation
  • our agencies use digital tablets to capture a supporter’s details, the screens on these devices will clearly display the Save the Children logo

Our fundraisers operate all over the UK throughout the year.

Yes. 100% of your donation goes directly to Save the Children.

We do not work in any No Cold Calling Zones that are legally set up in collaboration with the Trading Standards Board, as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice. We will also not call on any houses with any visible ‘no cold calling’ signs.

Yes! Any data collected on these devices is securely encrypted and transferred in accordance with GDPR. Data taken on any tablet is never stored on the tablet and fundraisers do not have any access to your private information.

Yes, we are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and comply with the Fundraising Code of Practice

If you have any questions or feedback about our fundraising programme, you want reassurance that a fundraiser is legitimate or if you have signed up and want to discuss your donation, our supporter care team is ready to help, please call +44 (0)20 7012 6400 or email supportercare@savethechildren.org.uk.

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