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Give the gift of possibility

with a Ramadan donation

Help children thrive with your Ramadan donation

Slowly but surely, things are returning to normal. After two years of restrictions, it’s finally possible to come together at home this Holy Month. In safety, with support, and a brighter future ahead.

Every child deserves that, too. And you can make it possible.

By donating whatever you can afford to Save the Children, you can help children get the food, medicine and education they need to give them a chance of a future they deserve.

Why donate to Save the Children this Ramadan?

We exist for children. To make their world a better place. To help them learn, grow and become who they want to be.

No matter where they’re growing up, we find a way to reach the children who need us most.

Founded over 100 years ago, Save the Children is the world’s leading independent children’s charity, operating in 120 countries across the world. We're Shariah-compliant, so you can give your Sadaqah with peace of mind, knowing your donations will go towards helping the world's most marginalised children.  

Read our Zakat policy and FAQs.

How you can support children

Laila*, 12, Afghanistan

A portrait of Laila, 12, smiling in Afghanistan

Laila*, 12, Afghanistan. Photo: Jim Huylebroek / Save the Children

After Laila's dad was killed during fighting, her family packed up and fled to a camp in the far north.

Life in the camp is hard.

"One day my father went to the mountains. My neighbour went after the goats and saw my father lying there… What happens to someone when their father dies?"

Children played no part in the crisis in Afghanistan, but they are being punished.

We're setting up safe spaces where kids like Laila can learn, play, and get support to cope with the horrific situation they're being put through.

Dioura*, 12, Niger

Dioura*, 12, in a classroom in Niger

Dioura*, 12, Niger. Photo: Apsatou Bagaya / Save the Children

Dioura had to flee her home when it was attacked by armed insurgents who set her school on fire.

She became one of five million children caught in a crisis across Africa’s Sahel region. A tragedy children had no part in creating.

Now Dioura’s family is starting a new life. But both of her parents are out of work and struggle to put food on the table.

"Sometimes we eat, other times we sleep with an empty belly – that's our life here," says Dioura.

We’re supporting Dioura to unlock her incredible potential by providing learning supplies and running catch-up lessons at her new school.

Mariam*, 14, Gaza

Mariam*, 14, in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Mariam*, 14, Gaza. Photo: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children

Mariam's life changed forever the night a missile strike left shrapnel embedded in her left ear. She became severely traumatised, stopped talking and stayed indoors.

With our project partner in Gaza, Ma’an, we supported Mariam with counselling to cope with what she went through. And over time, started to get her confidence back.

"I was able to play and to let my feelings out. They reminded me that I'm just a child and that I have nothing to do with everything that's going on. They taught me that I am strong and that I can overcome my fear."

All children should be defined not by their tough situation, but by what they want to be.

*Children's names have been changed to keep them safe.


By giving your Sadaqah today, you can help children like Laila, Dioura and Mariam take the future into their own hands.

Let's help children thrive this Ramadan.