South Asia Floods

millions are in danger

Torrential flooding has affected more than 8 million people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Over 100 people have already lost their lives.

In India, 2.7million children are in danger. Vital services such as hospitals and schools have been disrupted or destroyed.

Landslides in Bangladesh have already killed two people and 80,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

In Nepal, water supply and sanitation facilities have been damaged - dirty stagnant water poses a new risk to children with an increased risk of waterborne illnesses like cholera.

What are we doing to help?

Thanks to our Emergency Fund, we have teams on the ground providing vital support to those affected by the flooding. We are preparing to:

  • Distribute hygiene kits to ensure children stay clean and healthy, to help prevent the spread of disease
  • provide shelter kits including tarpaulin, blankets and mosquito nets to keep families who have lost their home safe
  • give families cash transfers to enable them to buy food and other vital supplies

With the monsoon season only just beginning, more bad weather could result in further deaths, injuries and hundreds more families losing their homes. We urgently need your help:

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Our emergency fund

This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency - like the South Asia Floods - we're able to act quickly and save countless lives.

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