Kerala Floods

Deadly floods and landslides in the southern Indian state of Kerala are putting the lives of children in grave danger.

It is the worst flooding the region has seen in the last century. 

At least 370 people have lost their lives, with hundreds more feared to be trapped. Close to one million have been forced from their homes, staying in emergency shelters and camps.

With several areas submerged in water, there is now a serious concern that an outbreak of waterborne diseases could threaten more lives. 

Three people have already been reported killed but it is likely the death toll will be much higher once the extent of the damage has been confirmed. 


The earthquake last week destroyed more than 1,000 homes and affected over 20,000 people in total leaving children in desperate need of clean water, shelter and psychosocial support. 


And now the already vulnerable population are seeing their lives ripped apart once more, facing another disaster. 


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We have teams on the ground already providing vital support to the thousands affected by the previous earthquake. They are now rapidly scaling up their response to meet the increasing needs. 


Our teams on the ground are: 

  • distributing emergency relief items to children and their families who have lost their homes. Items include tents, tarpaulin, blankets, mosquito nets and jerry cans
  • distributing hygiene kits to ensure children can keep clean and healthy and to prevent the spread of disease
  • delivering psychosocial support to children in their local community and at school to help them overcome the traumatic events they've been through as many have lost their homes or loved ones
  • working with the department of education to provide school materials and make sure children can get back to school right away


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Please note, the image above is not from this emergency response and was taken during our Typhoon Hagupit response in 2014.

Our Emergency Fund

This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency – like the Kerala flooding – we're able to act quickly and save countless lives.

Make a donation to Save the Children's Emergency Fund

Our response

We have teams on the ground providing vital support to children affected by the floods and landslides. We’re:

  • Supporting families who have lost everything with essential items like bedding, mosquito nets and clothing.
  • Providing families with access to clean water and hygiene items to help reduce the spread of disease.
  • Setting up Child Friendly Spaces, which will provide essential psycho-social support and a safe place for children to overcome their distressing experiences.
  • Supplying education materials to help children get back into school.

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