DRC Crisis


This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency – like the DRC Crisis – we're able to act quickly and save countless lives.



The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has seen an outbreak of Ebola. 60 suspected cases have been identified in three areas and 500,000 children face the deadly risk of infection.

Children in the DRC are already facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. Conflict has been raging in the country for two decades. The situation rapidly deteriorated in the Kasai region in August 2016, after violent clashes between militias and government forces erupted. Since then, the country has spiralled into a devastating and complex crisis:

  • 13 million people need urgent humanitarian assistance. Two thirds of those are children.
  • Over 2 million children are at risk of dying of hunger.
  • There are widespread violations of human rights with sexual violence being used as a weapon of war
  • Reports suggest 60% of militia members are children who have been forcibly recruited
  • Schools are being deliberately attacked.

It’s impossible to imagine the situation getting any worse, yet now children are also up against a deadly Ebola virus which is threatening more lives.

What you can do to help

Through our Emergency Fund, we’ve been able to deploy our Emergency Health Unit to help prevent the deadly outbreak from spreading further. We’re ensuring health facilities have the skills and equipment they need to detect, monitor and treat the disease.  We’re raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of Ebola in the community.

Throughout the DRC, we’re also continuing to provide vital health, education and child protection support to respond to the crisis. We’re:

  • Providing life-saving healthcare through mobile health clinics, reaching remote communities who wouldn’t otherwise receive any medical care.
  • Repairing damaged schools and supplying learning materials to get children back into education.
  • Delivering psychosocial support and providing children with a safe space to play, learn about their rights and be protected whilst they recover from horrors no child should ever face.

Your support would help us reach even more children who need it most. This is not their conflict, but as always, they are paying the heaviest price.


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