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Democratic Republic of Congo Crisis



Children and families in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are facing the second largest Ebola outbreak in history.

Almost 3000 cases have been confirmed and the disease is spreading fast. Recent cases have been confirmed in Uganda - we must act now to ensure it doesn't spread further.

Whilst facing this deadly threat, children in DRC are living through conflict and one of the world’s largest and most complex humanitarian crises.

Schools are being burnt to the ground, children are being forced to fight by militias, and thousands of children are at risk of dying of hunger. 

We urgently need to scale up our response to protect DRC’s children and stop the spread of life-threatening diseases while we can.

What we're doing

We’re working tirelessly to control infection and prevent the spread of Ebola in affected communities. Right now, we’re:

  • travelling door-to-door to teach people about Ebola and it’s symptoms
  • teaching children safe hygiene to stop the disease spreading
  • providing safe drinking water and installing hand washing points.

We're also responding to the complex crisis affecting children across DRC by:

  • treating sick and injured children battling the biggest child killers like pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea.
  • screening and treating children with malnutrition
  • repairing damaged schools and supplying learning materials to get children back into education.

Your support could help us reach even more children caught up in this crisis and other emergencies around the world, who need it most. 

Our emergency fund

This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency - like the DRC crisis - we're able to act quickly and save countless lives.

Donate to our emergency fund

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