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Poverty steals childhood

No child should pay the price of the cost of living crisis - but 30% of children in the UK live in poverty.

Years of stagnant wages and cuts to benefits payments have left parents on the lowest incomes, including those who are working, desperately struggling.

The Observer has reported heartbreaking accounts of children so hungry they are eating rubbers, or pretending to eat out of an empty lunchbox because they didn't want friends knowing there was no food at home.

And empty stomachs make it harder for children to concentrate at school - putting their futures at risk.


Your donations can make a difference - please start giving monthly today.

In homes, classrooms, and neighbourhoods across the UK, we work alongside children in poverty to give them a chance of the future they deserve. 

Thanks to amazing people like you, we handed out over 2,300 direct grants to low-income families in 2022 (which typically amount to £400) - meaning parents could buy food, warm clothes and beds for their children.

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Potential not poverty

When children live in poverty, we all feel it.  

An average of 10 children in every school were pulled into poverty during the pandemic. And now, families who never thought they’d struggle are being rocked by the cost-of-living crisis.

The impacts could last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how loving families are, poverty - and the lost time, isolation, and stress it brings – is holding children back now and long into the future. 

But we can change this story. Children’s potential is limitless. And when kids are given fair opportunities, they reach that potential and achieve their life goals faster. That’s not just good for them, but all of us; more nurses, teachers, inspiring leaders. More whatever they want to be. 

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About the film

Save the Children teamed up with a brilliant group of teenagers to change the story for children in the UK living in poverty.   

Aged 14 to 17, Aisha, Darcy, Esther, Heather, Maddison, Staci, and Stella took part in creative workshops hosted by Save the Children and creative agency, Effervescent – specialists in creating campaigns alongside children.  

Their idea was to create a film directly influenced by their experiences of poverty. And the result is a heart-wrenching film about What could have been for so many children who didn’t get the support they needed.  It was filmed in Bristol, with direction from award-winning filmmaker and proud working-class Bristolian, Paul Holbrook.   

No child dreams of poverty illustration

Drawing by Aisha, 17

The impact of donations

Thanks to amazing people like you, our programmes are helping millions of children every year.

Together, we're helping the most vulnerable families in the UK and all across the world with food vouchers, household essentials and life saving treatment.

And we're pioneering new ways to predict food crises, so governments can act sooner.

The power of a monthly donation

A small monthly donation may sound simple, but it could transform a child's future.

We see the impact of everyone's donation adding up to something great.

There are some suggested gifts above, or you can choose whatever amount works best for you. You can change the amount you choose to contribute every month at any time.

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