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Thanks to supporters like you, Save the Children reached 44.9 million children across 117 countries in 2020.

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Every child should grow up safe, happy and healthy, so they can become who they want to be.

But the reality is, many face huge challenges – like Fatima* and Lela.

Your support, even £2 a month, can make a world of difference, and help children build a brighter future. 

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*Names changed to protect identity

Fatun* and her sister Fatima*, on Fatima's first day back home after returning from the Stabilisation Centre.

Fatima*, and her big sister Fatun*. Photo credit: Kate Stanworth / Save the Children

Fatima's Story

At just nine months old, severe malnutrition left Fatima too weak to stand. Her mum took her to a Save the Children-supported health centre where Fatima got urgent treatment and nutritious food.
Five months on, she's thriving, walking and playing with big sister, Fatun.
Yet each year, 3 million children die because they're undernourished. 
Rhoda with her daughter Lela at their home garden in  Malawi

Rhoda with her daughter Lela at their home garden in Malawi. Photo credit: Jonathan Hyams / Save the Children


Rhoda and Lela'S STORY

Rhoda lives in the south-eastern Zomba district of Malawi with her three children. Her four year old daughter, Lela, was underweight for years. Like many in her community, due to poor crop harvests and a lack of education around nutrition, Rhoda couldn't always feed her children enough food.   

But a year after the introduction of a nutrition programme run by Save the Children Malawi, Lela is now a healthy four-year-old. The programme helps pre-schools cultivate seed to make school meals, as well as improving agriculture, cooking and hygiene in the home.

It’s changed everything for Rhoda and her family. Lela now attends pre-school – where she gets a mid-morning meal of porridge – and the formerly quiet child has become sociable, curious and engaged in her learning.

Help support more children like Lela get access to nutritious food.


A small monthly donation may sound simple, but it could transform a child's future. 

At Save the Children, we see the impact of everyone's donations adding up to something great.

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