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Every child should grow up safe and healthy. And together with our communities, innovative programmes and people like you, we reached 44.9 million children across 117 countries in 2020.

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More children are surviving their early years than ever before. That’s incredible progress. But our job is far from done - more than 5 million under-fives still die each year. And every death is a tragedy.

Many children like Fatima*, and twins Emmanuel and Delian, are fighting diseases they could beat with the help of basic medicine. Together, we can make sure they get it.

Your support, even £2 a month, could make sure children can grow up and explore a world of possibility.

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*Name changed here to keep children safe

How a determined mum transformed Fatima's life

Fatima*, on her first day back home after returning from the Stabilisation Centre.

Fatima*, nine months old on her first day home from the stabilisation centre. Photo credit: Kate Stanworth / Save the Children

At just 9 months old, severe malnutrition left Fatima too weak to stand. But with the determination and strength of her mum, she was able to get vital treatment and nutritious food from a Save the Children-supported health centre.  

Five months on, she's blossoming into a healthy baby and is walking and playing with big sister, Fatun*.

Yet each year, 3 million children die because they're undernourished. 
With support from people like you, we can help more children like Fatima get the life-saving treatment they need.

Vital treatment for twins Emmanuel & Delian

Twins Delian (left) and Emmanuel (right) stand outside their hut in Kenya. Two years ago they were successfully treated for pneumonia.

Twins Delian (left) and Emmanuel (right) stand outside their hut in Kenya. Two years ago they were successfully treated for pneumonia.

Just 13 months into their lives, twins Emmanuel and Delian were struggling to breathe. Worried sick, their mum, Deborah knew she had to act fast. She got help from a Save the Children-trained community health volunteer, who sent the twins to hospital for urgent treatment for pneumonia.

The boys were given intravenous and oral antibiotics. To Deborah’s relief, their condition began to improve.

Now healthy three-year-old toddlers, Emmanuel and Delian are full of energy, making their way in a world bursting with possibility.

Your donation could help more children like these bouncing boys to explore who and what they can be.

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With the right support, there are endless possibilities for children like Fatima*, Emmanuel and Delian.

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