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We partnered with wilko in 2018 as part of their Together for Families programme that aims to support families in the UK, when they need it the most.

Many families in the UK are going through a tough time right now. No matter how hard they work, they struggle to pay the bills and provide the basics, and it’s their children who suffer the most. And this doesn’t just affect a few families.

Currently, there are 4 million children in the UK growing up without things most of us take for granted, like books and toys, or a bed to sleep in – things no child should be without. That’s nine children in a classroom of 30, but it’s nine children too many. 

Save the Children want to give every child the bright future they deserve.

Every parent wants the best for their child, but growing up without the basics makes it so much tougher for the children to do well at school and in life. Funds raised through the programme will make sure families get the things they need to give their children the best possible start – a bed, a high chair, educational toys and books.

It’ll also help busy mums and dads boost their children’s early learning at home, building their confidence and showing them how to make learning easy and fun for their children.

The money raised will help Save the Children to:

  • Fully fund essential household items and early learning resources for 11,500 disadvantaged children.
  • Work with 125,000 families to get parents involved with learning and development

Life can be tough at times, whether it’s a diagnosis in the family that’s potentially life threatening, or really struggling to make ends meet,  meaning children don’t get off to the best start in life, wilko hope that through this programme they can raise enough money to make a real difference.

Visit wilko's website for more information, or to donate just click here

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