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We have been a Revolut global charity partner since the launch of Donations in 2019.

Since then Revolut and their customers have donated over £890,000 to make sure children in the UK and around the world keep safe, healthy and learning, so they can become who they want to be.

Customers can donate by rounding up spare change and donating the difference, setting up a recurring payment, or giving a one-off amount.

“We are proud of Donations and the ongoing flexible funds raised to help protect children’s futures. Donations was launched to make charitable donations simple, flexible and transparent. We know that for many of our customers, charitable giving is a factor in choosing how they spend their money and we wanted to be able to offer them a simple way to do this and make a difference.” Christopher Guttridge, Donations Product Owner 

From keeping children safe during conflict, to treating pneumonia and fighting poverty here in the UK, flexible funding goes to wherever the need is greatest for children. It’s core to achieving our mission. Supporting children – no matter where they’re growing up – with food, medicine, and education, so they can become who they want to be.

For World Children’s Day 2019, Revolut launched a fundraising campaign to support children to continue their education in Mozambique following the devastating cyclones. Schools were badly damaged by the cyclones and children’s learning was put on hold. Thanks to over £150,000 raised by Revolut and their customers over 10 weeks, as well as funds raised by other partners, more than 8,000 children are benefitting from eleven new and rehabilitated primary schools. Children like Mateo, 10, (pictured) who spent three nights in a tree escaping floods which followed Cyclone Idai. Now he is back in school and trying to move on with his life: “My old school was destroyed by the floods. I like this one much better, but I miss my home.”

In August 2021, Revolut launched a fundraising campaign to support children affected by the crisis in Afghanistan and emergencies around the world through our Emergency Fund. This special reserve allows us to respond in hours to disasters around the world, so we can support children and families to keep safe, healthy and learning. The campaign raised over an incredible £180,000.

Last updated December 2021.

Photo of Mateo smiling.

Mateo, 10, can continue his education after losing his home to floods in Mozambique.

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