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Our partnership with Liquid I.V.

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Liquid I.V.’s goal is to expand access to clean and abundant water for communities in need and together we're leveraging innovative solutions to provide clean water to 18,000 people in Hafun, Somalia, using solar-powered desalination technology created by our partner Elemental Water Makers.

The Impact of Droughts in Hafun, Somalia

In Somalia, the challenge of water scarcity intensifies with each passing day. There is a historic drought following 5 consecutive failed rainy seasons that have led to mass displacement, widespread death of livestock and a devastating food crisis, which is bringing the country to the brink of famine.

The Hafun district in the Bari region of Puntland state is located on a peninsula that protrudes from the eastern coast of Northern Somalia, in the Indian Ocean. During drought, the wells yield less, and the water supply is not suitable for human consumption. This means that women and girls must walk long distances in search for water, leading to less time for education and employment, and increased exposure to violence.

The most urgent need for the population in Hafun district is for clean drinking water. Chronic droughts and saltwater intrusion have dried or contaminated most of the wells . As a short term solution communities use chlorination tablets and purchase water that is brought into the region on trucks. However, the long-term solution communities need is a reliable and sustainable water system that provides clean water all year round.

young girl in Hafun, Somalia

Samiya 14, pouring water into her jerrycan at a water distribution point in Hafun, Puntland, Somalia.

Access to Safe and Reliable Fresh Water

In 2023 Save the Children installed a water distribution system thanks to innovative technology created by Elemental Water Makers. Through the grant from Liquid I.V. we will extend water pipelines and the distribution system connected to the desalination unit to reach more people within the community, the local healthcare facility and school. We will also  support the community to manage the plant themselves, and increase knowledge about the power of handwashing and good hygiene to reduce disease.

The project will also be linked to Save the Children’s ongoing emergency response interventions  in the area. These interventions are designed to provide a combination of life-saving famine prevention and resilience building support to drought affected communities. 

The project will support 3,000 households in Hafun including a total population of 18,000 individuals (9,180 females 8,820 males).  

hafun water distribution plant

An ariel view of the water distribution plant in Hafun, powered by innovative solar technology.

What the project will achieve:

  • Increased access to safe and potable water—at least 15 litres per person per day, by expanding the water distribution system of a new solar desalination plant.
  • Supporting the community to manage the plant themselves, ensuring it is operational long into the future.
  • Increasing knowledge within the community about the power of handwashing and good hygiene to reduce the spread of disease and support a healthy future for children and families.
local community at newly installed water distribution point.

Members of the local community gathered around the newly installed water distribution point to collect clean water.

“In the face of persistent droughts in the region over the past few years, this project has shifted the landscape for the local community of Hafun, which previously relied on distant water sources that often came with health or life-threatening risks. This project goes beyond elevating living standards of the community; it symbolizes a profound shift, providing a free, fresh, and safe water supply. The partnership with Liquid I.V. has been instrumental in improving the lives of the community, creating a ripple effect that echoes through health, resilience, and the promise of a better future for all those we impact.”

Mohamed Abdulkadir Said, Save the Children Area Representative in Puntland, Somalia

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