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Together, we're helping to ensure young people reach their full potential

Save the Children and Collinson, a family-run global leader in customer benefits and loyalty, are joining forces to effectively maximise both organisations’ expertise and networks to empower young people to thrive.
Collinson Group

Of the approximately 247 million people in 2015 that migrated internally in China, seeking job opportunities and a better life, 60% of them were under the age of 30 years old.

Many of China’s young migrants move from rural communities to urban areas having dropped out of secondary school and arrive in unfamiliar settings with little readiness for what they require to gain decent employment. They often face financial and qualification barriers to access skills training and employment services, suffer from weak support networks and are unaware of their rights.

To ensure the most disadvantaged migrant youth in China are empowered to improve their chances of securing a safe and positive transition into decent employment, our partnership aims to equip equip disadvantaged migrant young people, aged 16 to 24 years old, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province with the skills and training they need to succeed and to help them break the cycle of poverty.

Through the three-year partnership, Collinson employees will be galvanised to engage through interactive tailored support approaches. This will include seeing employees supporting migrant youth by:

  • Equipping them with improved employability skills that their future employers in urban settings require.
  • Increasing their opportunities to access vital job information, interviews, secure internships and decent employment.
  • Supporting Save the Children’s advocacy work with local urban communities and developing employability soft skills standard with Government, ensuring stakeholder responsibilities are upheld to support young people to obtain decent employment.
Youths participating in ASST programme activities with a local Save the Children partner organisation (Photo Credit/ SC China)

Youths participating in ASST programme activities with a local Save the Children partner organisation (Photo Credit/ SC China)

Supporting Children Caught Up In Emergencies

With one in six children now living in conflict, and the number of natural disasters higher than ever before, Save the Children’s Emergency Fund has never been more crucial.

Understanding the need for flexibility, adaptability and urgency needed to help children caught up in emergencies, the global partnership with Collinson will also be investing in our Emergency Fund.

This unique fund allows us to work faster and respond to real need, to deliver life-saving food, shelter, medicine and education straight to children and families who require it most, no matter where they are.

It also allows our teams to work to avert crises before they become life-threatening by preparing communities with pre-positioned resources to respond within a few hours of an emergency occurring and limit the impact they can have.

With support from Collinson, we will continue to save children’s lives. 

“Collinson’s vital support and commitment for our Emergency Fund will enable us to continue to respond as soon as an emergency strikes, providing children with access to education, safe, clean water and the care they and their families need. Together, we will be helping children caught up in crisis, no matter where.” Sayyeda Salam, Partnerships and Philanthropy Director at Save the Children.

In 2019, Save the Children’s humanitarian work reached 35 countries and nearly 14 million people. The Emergency Fund responded to crisis in, Syria, Yemen, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and the Horn of Africa. Covering emergencies as a result of conflict, health epidemic, drought, flooding, cyclones and earthquakes.

Find out more about Collinson here: collinsongroup.com

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