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Mary Portas

As our Retail Ambassador, Mary's vision for a new kind of charity shopping experience developed into our successful chain of Mary's Living and Giving Shops, and she was instrumental in launching our Fashion Saves Lives project.
Mary Portas at the Stockbridge Mary's Living & Giving store

Mary Portas attends the 10th anniversary celebrations of Mary’s Living & Giving Stockbridge branch, Edinburgh - © www.scottishphotographer.com

Author and TV personality Mary Portas, considered to be the UK’s foremost authority on retail and brand communication, began working with Save the Children back in 2008.

In the BBC series 'Mary Queen of Charity Shops', Mary donned a Save the Children tabard, and overhauled the charity’s worst performing store in Orpington, transforming it into one of our top 10 shops. 

Mary has since pioneered a new type of charity shopping with the launch of her premium charity retail propositions, Mary’s Living & Giving shops

The first ever Mary’s Living & Giving shop opened in Stockbridge, Edinburgh in 2009. 10 years later there are now 25 shops across the UK which have raised over £30million for Save the Children. 


She says: “I am thrilled that what started with a vision and a TV show has taken on such a life of its own. The philosophy behind the Mary’s Living & Giving Shops for Save the Children has been instrumental in helping to raise millions of pounds for the life-saving work that Save the Children does.

"It’s an honour being part of this charity, helping to make a real difference to children’s lives across the entire world.”   

Most recently, Mary teamed up with supermodel and Save the Children ambassador, Erin O’Connor, as part of our Fashion Saves Lives project, inviting celebrities to donate their children’s clothes in aid of our health work. 

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