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Mariella Frostrup


Mariella Frostrup is Save the Children UK’s Gender Ambassador. As a well-respected journalist, broadcaster and advocate, Mariella is committed to the cause of gender equality and creating a better future for children around the world.

Mariella co-founded The GREAT Initiative, which campaigns for gender equality at home and abroad. It was instrumental in the passing of the Gender Act, mandating Government to consider how overseas aid can be deployed to promote equality globally.

As Save the Children UK’s Gender Ambassador, Mariella leads critical discussions with politicians, lobbyists, and the general public with flair, passion and conviction.

In 2014, she played a pivotal role in our Turn Up, Save Lives campaign, where we needed more than 100 MPs to turn up to vote in favour of the 0.7% aid bill in order for it to progress to the next stage. Mariella’s energy and passion persuaded many MPs to vote yes that day!

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