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What we stand for

Our vision and values

We stand side by side with children in the toughest places to be a child. We do whatever it takes to make sure they survive, get protection when they’re in danger, and have the chance to learn.

Our vision

Our vision is a world in which every child doesn’t just survive, but thrives, and can go on to change the world.


Because every child should be able to make their mark on the world, and help build a better future. Together, we fight for children every single day.

We recognise that organisations don’t always get things right and welcome feedback if we fall short of the aspirations we've set out.

As we approach our centenary year in 2019 our ambitions for the change we can deliver for children are higher than ever and it is only with your support that we will be able to realise the vision of our founder, Eglantyne Jebb:

"I believe we should claim certain rights for the children and labour for their universal recognition, so that everybody – not merely the small number of people who are in a position to contribute to relief funds, but everybody who in any way comes into contact with children, that is to say the vast majority of mankind – may be in a position to help forward the movement."


We’re people who believe in the power of children. We do whatever it takes to make sure they survive, get protection when they’re in danger, and have the chance to learn.

We are the world’s leading independent children’s organisation. For nearly 100 years our priorities have been determined solely by the needs of children, not by any political, religious or commercial affiliations. 

We work to make sure children survive and thrive. We change the world for children through innovative programmes, bold campaigns, independent advocacy and high-impact partnerships. We work in the UK and globally.

We change minds, change policies and raise funds by being a mass and mainstream cause.  We’re here to change things, not to spectate. We engage, inspire and give a platform to millions of people who want to be part of achieving lasting change for children.

We believe in empowering children as agents of change. We aim to be the foremost campaigning force for and with children. 

How we work

We fight for the improbable, not the impossible. We take up causes which are ambitious but achievable and where we can make a distinctive contribution.

We want to deliver world class impact for children and that level of ambition shapes our decisions. That means reaching a mass audience with our programmes, our campaigns and our fundraising. We know that scale and impact are related but not the same so we aim for quality as well as quantity in everything we do. All strategic decisions are tested against our values and their potential to deliver real change for children.

We are uncompromising in pursuing children’s interests, even in dangerous and insecure places. Only if the lives of our staff, our partners or the communities with whom we work or the continuation of our life-saving programmes are threatened will we push for change in private. Our default position is to speak out when children’s rights are violated.

We aim to be an outstanding organisation. We learn from our mistakes and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in how we safeguard children, raise and spend money, manage risk and engage with our supporters, donors, partners, staff and volunteers. We value the diversity, expertise and passionate commitment of our exceptional people

We are hugely proud of what makes Save the Children unique but know we can’t change the world for children on our own.

We work with others whenever we can, forging strategic partnerships with governments, the private sector, philanthropists, the media and other organisations. We are bigger than the sum of our parts and couldn’t achieve what we do for children without the contribution of everyone who supports our work.



Our code of conduct

This Code of Conduct aims to provide clear guidance on what we expect of each other, as well as define conduct that will always be unacceptable

Safeguarding children

Save the Children believes all children have a right to protection from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Our staff must always respect children, listen to them and protect them from harm.
Save the Children's Child Friendly Space in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, northern Uganda.

Save the Children's Child Friendly Space in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, northern Uganda.

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