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Organisational reports

Key Reports and documents

Here you can find all our key organisational reports from the last eight years. Transparency, and open communication about our work and our organisation is a high priority at Save the Children, and these pages are designed to help people find out this information, in an accessible way.

How we pay our staff

Click here to find out the breakdown of our staff costs from 2018, including wages and salaries, national insurances, pension costs and other staff costs. We also have information on number of employees, and what salary band their role sits within. Here you can also find information on our Executive Direction remuneration.

Gender Pay Gap

Save the Children is committed to achieving gender equity in pay. Further to this, through our programme, policy and campaign work, we strive to support gender equity in all the contexts where we work. Our aim is to eliminate the gender pay gap by 2020 where this is being driven by any gender based pay inequality.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Previous annual reports

Previous Accountability and Transparency Reports

To accompany our annual report, you can read and download our accountability and transparency report, which we have been producing for six years.

This report gives us the opportunity to share key information and targets regarding our financial, social and environmental accountability.

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