Born to Read

Our partnership with Beanstalk is giving poorer children in the UK the reading skills they need for a better future by placing volunteers in local primary schools to support children who are struggling with reading.

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Reading well is key to a child’s future. Learning to read unlocks a world of opportunity. It underpins a child’s chances of achieving at school and, beyond that, of finding work.

But far too many boys and girls in the UK fall badly behind in literacy in their first few years at school. Most of these children never catch up, leaving school without basic reading skills or good qualifications.

Among children who leave primary school without basic reading skills, five years later almost all of them – 93%fail to get five good GCSEs.

Futures imperiled

The impact on children’s futures is devastating. They face a future of low pay – or no pay, and benefits, as they will lack the skills to make them eligible for so many jobs. Children who are most likely to fall behind in reading  are from poor or disadvantaged families.

We believe that every child should have the chance to fulfil their potential. Learning to read is fundamental to ensuring they get that opportunity.

That's why we've launched Born to Read.

Born to Read

Over the next months and years Born to Read will provide 7,000 more reading helpers for 23,000 pupils in schools in deprived areas across the country, working in partnership with Beanstalk – an organisation with 40 years’ experience in helping children learn to read.

And because we also know how important the home learning environment is, we’re innovating and testing a parallel Born to Read initiative, supporting parents to help develop their children’s reading skills at home.

Together we can turn this around

Together we can break the vicious cycle that keeps people poor – generation after generation.

If you would like to inspire others to read and are passionate about making a change within your community, help us to reach more children by volunteering now