Save the Children is a strong, recognised voice for children’s rights in Nigeria. We focus on health, nutrition, education, livelihoods and child protection. We work closely with partners to develop sustainable, replicable programmes which help children to reach their full potential.

Jummai and her familiy in Nigeria

Jummai* with her children - three-year-old Matta* and five-year-old Ibrahim.* They fled their community when it was hit by fighting and spent two weeks living in the bush. Now, they are living with friends and Jummai volunteers at a Save the Children child-friendly space.

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Children are more likely to grow up healthy and educated when their families don't have to worry about where the next meal will come from.

But in many rural areas, families need support to grow or buy the variety of foods needed for their children to thrive. To effectively fight hunger and improve children's wellbeing, families need to be able to afford nutritious food.

In Nigeria, we're working to improve the health and nutrition of mothers, newborn babies and children, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. Through our campaigns, we advocate for a wide variety of issues that affect children, such as immunisation and breastfeeding.

To advance learning, we support education programmes for children in the classroom and at home. And we work with families affected by natural disasters and conflict.

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*Names have been changed to protect identities.