East Africa Appeal

In 2011, a deadly food crisis across east Africa claimed tens of thousands of lives and left millions destitute and hungry. We launched the biggest emergency response in our 90-year history – delivering food, water, health care and other crucial life-saving aid to families. Your support helped us save thousands of lives. Thank you.  

How you're still helping the children of east Africa

Thanks to you, we’re still on the ground, saving lives and giving children a chance at a better future.

You’re helping us feed hundreds of thousands of people, providing many more with clean water and healthcare across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

You are helping us to provide a quality education to children – many for the first time in their lives. And your donations are supporting families find sustainable solutions to drought in their villages.

What you can do now

Help us be ready to respond to the next crisis that children are affected by.

Our Emergency Fund allows us to act as soon as an emergency strikes and save more children’s lives.

Please help us respond to future emergencies as quickly as possible