Child Poverty in 2012: It shouldn't happen here

How we can give families a route out of poverty and children the chance to fulfil their potential.

September 2012 Publication Child Poverty in 2012 cover


There are an estimated 3.5 million children living in poverty in the UK - 1.6 million in severe poverty. This shocking figure is expected to rise by 400,000 by 2015.

A lack of jobs, stagnating wages, increased living costs and spending cuts are placing enormous pressure on families up and down the UK.

The survey results set out in this report show that poverty leaves parents cutting back on food so their children don’t go hungry.

It leaves children without a warm coat or new shoes. It means they miss out on experiences that are central to a happy childhood, such as going on a family holiday or having a friend round for tea.

Poverty blights children’s lives and their futures.

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