Gaza Crisis: Donate now to help children

Children are paying a deadly price for the conflict in Israel and Gaza. The UN estimates 185 children have been killed and more than a thousand injured. 150,000 have had to flee their homes.

Our team in Gaza is getting help to families in desperate need. But with no immediate end to the crisis in sight, we need your support to help more children.

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Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone

Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone

boy is comforted by relatives at a funeral

A grief-stricken boy at his four-year-old brother's funeral in Gaza, 11 July 2014. (Photo: Pietro Masturzo/OnOff Picture)

Stop killing children

Save the Children has launched an urgent petition to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging him to:

  • Secure an immediate, lasting ceasefire
  • Speak out against explosive weapons
  • Seek the lifting of the blockade of Gaza as part of lasting resolution

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Children under fire

A generation of children in Gaza and southern Israel is going through a terrifying ordeal. 

Children in Gaza can’t leave their homes or places of shelter, while their parents only venture outside to buy food and essential supplies. Children are terrified and unable to sleep at night because of airstrikes and explosions.

Our team on the ground reports that children are at serious risk of becoming traumatised after the horrors they've witnessed.

Now, water services and healthcare are at breaking point. 

How we're helping

Delivering aid under these circumstances is dangerous and challenging. But our team on the ground is managing to get help to families in desperate need in Gaza.

  • We’re providing specialist emotional support to children in 1,300 families who have been through traumatic experiences.
  • In the coming days, as security allows, we’ll deliver food and other essentials to families.

Save the Children has been working in the occupied Palestinian territory for more than 30 years. We’re one of the biggest non-government organisations working in Gaza.

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