Emergency Health Unit

The Emergency Health Unit enables us to deploy world-class health professionals to an injured child's side within 72 hours.

Your support is crucial to keeping Save the Children's Emergency Health Unit responsive to unrest and disasters across the world.

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The right people, in the right place, ready to act

When disaster strikes, hospitals and clinics serving the health needs of entire regions are often damaged or completely wiped out. This is when emergency medical help is needed most. For every hour that passes, children suffer and die.

On top of this, the need to prevent and contain outbreaks of illnesse like these is enormous, and it's vital that we're there as quickly as possible to contain the spread and protect children from these deadly diseases.

Three principles

Speed: we can deploy our teams in 24 hours and get them on the ground, saving lives and providing relief and life-saving medical support in 72 hours.

Expertise: each team is made up of a combination of health professionals and operational specialists – perfectly positioned and appropriately equipped to provide emergency humanitarian response when it's needed most.

Reach: these teams are stationed strategically in emergency hotspots around the world, in places they're needed most urgently.

We're equipped to respond to the biggest killers of children during an emergency. Whether it's treating common diseases through mobile clinics in a country where the health system has virtually collapsed, combating sudden outbreaks of diseases like cholera, or launching a vaccination campaign to help prevent children getting sick, we're prepared to be there for ill and injured children when they need us most.

Saving lives in East Africa

East Africa is facing a hunger crisis which is threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Across Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, more than 4 million children are expected to need treatment for malnutrition this year, and thousands of malnourished children are already more vulnerable to other illnesses like cholera or diarrhoea.

Previously with a crisis of this scale, we would have had to spend time pulling together specialists and supplies - a delay that costs lives. But now, we've already deployed our Emergency Health Unit teams to provide critical medical support to those in need.

In Kenya, our EHU team are scaling up our health work to screen children for malnutrition and supporting health facilities to treat malnourished children. In Somalia, our EHU team is on the ground supporting our Cholera Treatment Centre, and establishing Oral Rehydration Points to provide rapid rehydration treatment. And in South Sudan, our EHU team has prepositioned vital medical supplies and are training healthworkers in the country to prepare for a scale up of our response.

Thanks to the EHU, we're reaching ill and malnourished children in East Africa before it's too late.


Help us reach more children in emergencies:

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Donations go to the Emergency Health Unit and other emergency work.


Updated June 2017.