Ebola Crisis: How You Helped

When the deadly Ebola virus spread through West Africa, we launched a major response. Our teams treated infected patients, distributed vital supplies and worked to contain the outbreak. With your help, we reached 4.6 million people - thank you.

Ebola survivor Patience,* with her twin brother Joseph.*

Ebola survivor Patience,* with her twin brother.

In 2014, the Ebola epidemic spread through West Africa at terrifying speed.

At its height, five people were being infected every hour in Sierra Leone alone and cases were doubling every three weeks.

Already fragile local health systems were quickly pushed to breaking point. Shortages of protective clothing left health workers vulnerable to infection and many died.

With millions of children and families at risk, we launched a major response.

How your donation has helped children

Thanks to you, we were able to reach 4.6 million people affected by the Ebola epidemic across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Our teams:

  • trained almost 2,000 community health workers to raise awareness of the symptoms of the disease and how to prevent it spreading
  • supplied health centres with hand-washing facilities, thermometers and protective clothing
  • ran a specialist treatment centre in Sierra Leone with more than 200 staff
  • set up Ebola care units in 10 of the hardest hit communities in Liberia
  • trained 10,000 teachers in Guinea in how to support affected children.

None of this would have been possible without your extraordinary generosity.

James’s story

Save the Children Ebola appeal

Photo: David Hartman/Save the Children.

Six-year-old James* survived Ebola, but lost his mother to the disease. Our team helped find James’s aunt, and arranged for her to care for him and his sister.

We’ve stayed in touch with the family to ensure the children get the support they need. James is now back in school and excited to be learning again.


Although our appeal has now closed you can continue to support children caught up in emergencies around the world by supporting our Emergency Fund:

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*Names have been changed to protect identities

Last updated July 2017.