East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Six-month-old Dahir* is treated for malnutrition in Somaliland.

Dahir*, six months, is treated for malnutrition at our clinic in the Somaliland region of Somalia.

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Time is running out for children across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. If we don’t act now, hundreds of thousands could die.

Back-to-back-droughts, failed rains and war have left millions of children at risk of hunger across the region. Now, up to 19.5 million people urgently need help.

Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan. In Somalia, 50,000 children are already at risk of death. And across Kenya and Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of children are dangerously malnourished.

We cannot see a repeat of 2011. That was the last time famine affected this part of Africa and a quarter of a million people died – 130,000 of them children - before the world took action. If we don’t respond fast enough this time, the situation is likely to be even worse.

But with your help, we can still prevent a catastrophe.

Our teams are already on the ground treating malnourished children, delivering food vouchers, water and life-saving medical care.

We urgently need to do more – can you donate today?

Whatever you can give will help us save lives, from the price of a cup of coffee to the cost of your weekly shop.


could provide water for one month for a child at school.


could give one severely malnourished child the medicine, therapeutic food and other treatment they need at a clinic for a month.


could help us reach ten children with essential health services

Donate to our East Africa Food Crisis Appeal:

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Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone.


Aasiya’s story

A child is screened for malnutrition in Somalia


Amina* lives in Puntland, Somalia. She and her family had to leave their home in search of food after all but two of their 50 sheep died.

Now, her ten-month-old foster daughter, Aasiya*, is sick with malnutrition.

“This little one has been sick since she was born,” she says. “I have been everywhere and took her to every hospital.”

Now, baby Aasiya is being treated at a clinic we support in Yaka, Puntland.

How your donation will help



A malnourished child is fed at Garowe Hospital, SomaliaWe’re leading the nutrition response in Somalia. Our teams are treating malnourished children and delivering life-saving care. We’re trucking clean water to the hardest-hit areas and distributing food and cash grants.

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Our mobile health teams are treating malnourished children in the hardest-to-reach areas. We’re supporting pregnant and lactating mothers, delivering cash grants and food vouchers, and helping communities keep their livestock alive.

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We’re scaling up our response in three of the worst affected counties – Turkana, Wajir and Mandera. Our teams are delivering clean water to schools and health facilities, and screening children for malnutrition.

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South Sudan

As the largest aid agency in parts of the country, we’ve been treating malnourished children and keeping children safe since 2013. We’ve screened thousands of children and pregnant mothers for malnutrition, distributed food and set up vital treatment and feeding programmes



The futures of millions are at stake. Help us reach children in East Africa before it’s too late.

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*Names changed to protect identity.
Last updated: March 2017.