Wherever disaster strikes, we’re there – saving lives. Our teams do whatever it takes to reach children in desperate need. In 2015, we helped 2.6 million children through our emergency responses.

A Syrian girls stands in a camp in Lebanon during a snowstorm.
Tamara,* a four-year-old refugee from Syria, stands in a snowstorm in Lebanon.

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A Syrian child refugeein Lebanon.

Syria Crisis

Two million children and their families have fled Syria. Those still inside the countryface shortages of food, water and medicines. They need our help now more than ever.
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A child is checked for malnutrition in Yemen.

Yemen Crisis Appeal

This is the world's largest humanitarian crisis. More than 21 million people desperately need food and clean water. We’re working hard to protect children.
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A child in war in Syria

Sunday Times Children in War Appeal

Millions of children’s lives are being torn apart by war across Yemen, in Aleppo, Syria and Mosul, Iraq.
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Child Refugee Crisis

Thousands of child refugees and their families are making perilous journeys. They urgently need food, water and shelter.
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A Syrian girl is rescued by out ship staff

Rescue At Sea Appeal

Children are still drowning as they flee danger. Our rescue ship saves lives, and we provide medical care, food, water and emotional support.
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Iraq Crisis

With the current offensive on Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, a staggering half a million children are in the line of fire.
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Malnourished child in Nigeria

Nigeria Food Crisis

After seven years of brutal war, it is predicted that 200 children die each day unless they get help - because of a severe food crisis.
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We don't know when the next disaster will hit. Our Emergency Fund means we can act swiftly to reach children. Donate today to provide a lifeline to children caught up in emergencies.
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Last updated: July 2016.