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UK Emergencies

We support vulnerable children

Emergencies can happen anywhere, with little or no warning. When they do, children are especially vulnerable. We work with local authorities, emergency planners, government, schools, universities and children themselves to support children before, during and after an emergency.

We have several projects designed to support children when an emergency, such as a large-scale accident or flooding, occurs in the UK.

As well as offering practical items through our Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! programme, we're developing a range of other resources to give children the psychological support they need to prepare for and deal with traumatic events.

Journey of Hope

The Journey of Hope programme helps children cope with emergencies and stressful situations. The model originated in the United States and has been used to respond to events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma bombing.

Through structured group work, Journey of Hope helps build children's resilience, boost their self-esteem and support their emotional wellbeing. It can return children to a sense of normality and routine, and strengthen their social support networks.

During 2015 we tested and developed the programme in the UK, working with local authorities, schools and mental health professionals.

We will use Journey of Hope to support children affected by emergencies, young refugees arriving in the UK and children who need additional support.  

Take Care

Our Take Care project is designed to increase the resilience of children, young people and urban societies to disasters. It also aims to help emergency planners and responders meet children and young people’s needs more effectively.

Beginning in July 2015, this three-year project is a collaboration between Save the Children UK, Save the Children Italy, Lancaster University, the University of Thessaly, the Open University of Catalonia and the University of Lisbon. It is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Fund.

Tools and training

We have developed a range of tools and training, such as Psychological First Aid, that is designed to build the skills of staff, volunteers and carers who work with children.

This kind of training enables them to gives immediate support to children who have been exposed to traumatic events, such as emergencies and accidents, or have arrived in the UK after fleeing war and violence.


Last updated September 2017.

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