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As a READY member you will receive exclusive updates about our Emergency Health Unit and the critical work it provides. Your £25 membership could pay for a surgical kit + sterilising box for an emergency medical team.

Every READY member helps to save lives. Read on to see the Emergency Health Unit in action.

When disaster strikes, it’s the first minutes, hours and days that matter the most. This is when the most lives are lost.

Our Emergency Health Unit can be at an injured child’s side giving them the treatment they need, within 72 hours of a natural disaster hitting or a conflict erupting.

Our first three days in a disaster

Day 1:

Within hours, medical and logistics experts are selected to form the Emergency Health Unit team.  Vital kit, including medical equipment and vaccines, are sourced. The Emergency Health Unit team are deployed.

Save the Children staff load and and transport urgently needed medical supplies - Guilhem Alandry/Save the Children

Day 2:

The Emergency Health Unit conducts a health assessment and sends updates back to the UK detailing the health, water, and shelter situation and how many children are in critical need.

Day 3:

As soon as our team can, they begin delivering life-saving care. The Emergency Health Unit first attends to children and newborn babies with diseases, severe malnutrition, injuries and dehydration.

EHU nurse Martha screening for health and nutrition issues at the EHU 's mobile clinic in Bidi Bidi camp - Guilhem Alandry/Save the Children


Rahima*, a mum of 3, fled to Bangladesh after violence erupted in Myanmar. Her 18-month-old son Anwar* was treated for pneumonia by the Emergency Health Unit team in Cox’s Bazar at Save the Children’s primary healthcare centre.

“His temperature was so high that it was like fire in his body. His face had gone red.”

“Me and my husband, we both cried seeing his face”

18-month-old Anwar* is given oxygen after being admitted with pneumonia to the inpatient ward at the Save the Children primary healthcare centre in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Thanks to our generous supporters, Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit could provide life saving treatment, enabling Anwar to make a full recovery.

“They gave him oxygen. My son became calm and slept."

18-month-old Rohingya refugee Anwar* plays at home with mum Rahima* after being released from the Save the Children primary healthcare centre in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

“When I took my son to the clinic, he was lying in my arms, when I brought him back, he was walking. He came back as a healthy child."

The Emergency Health Unit is helping children like Anwar all over the world. 

Watch the video below to see Anwar's full story of recovery, as well as the birth of the first ever baby Mahia* in the Cox's Bazar refugee camp:

The Emergency Health Unit has been there for children all over the world.

The Emergency Health Unit has been there for children all over the world

Together, we'll be there again