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This is Climate Change: Famine

Critically-acclaimed virtual reality film 'This Is Climate Change: Famine' depicts effects of drought in Somalia as never seen before

  • With assistance from Save the Children, 'This Is Climate Change: Famine' highlights plight of some 2,700 Somalis displaced by global warming every day.
  • 1 in 5 displaced Somali children are malnourished, as shown by new survey from Save the Children and Action Against Hunger.

From Participant Media and Condition One, the critically-acclaimed new virtual reality (VR) series, 'This Is Climate Change', features 'Famine' - one episode in the four-part series, as an intense, never-before-seen immersive visual experience of the devastating effects of drought in northern Somalia.  Filmed in 2017 across drought-affected communities in Puntland, 'Famine' tells the compelling stories of a camel herder, a grieving mother, and a doctor who stops at nothing to save the lives of starving babies.  Using advanced 3D 360 stereoscopic technology, 'This Is Climate Change' takes audiences inside a Save the Children supported intensive care ward for severely malnourished children.

Out of the 2.6 million displaced people in Somalia, one million were uprooted during the 2017 drought crisis.  After losing their crops, livestock and livelihood, they had no option but to move into crowded camps in the hope of getting food and aid.  In 2018, an average of 2,777 people are being displaced every day.

The shocking reality of Somalia’s climate-driven displacement crisis is premiering globally on the WITHIN app. The release coincides with new survey data from Save the Children and Action Against Hunger, which finds that one in five children in these displacement settlements is suffering from malnutrition.

Four-part VR series 'This Is Climate Change' premiered to critical acclaim at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York. It also featured at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in the UK and the AFI Docs Festival in Washington DC. 

To help children affected by drought and famine in East Africa please visit our East Africa food crisis appeal.

For more information please contact:


+44 7831 650409 

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