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Hunger is threatening the magic children naturally see


When children are well-fed and happy they can see the fun and wonder in everything. But the reality is that here in the UK and around the world hunger is threatening the magic children see. 

Help Protect the Magic

 We’ve been fighting hunger for over a century.  But Covid and the climate crisis have made it tougher than we ever could have expected for families to get enough to eat.

Together, we’re fighting hunger with new tools, like:

  • Chickens to provide families in Bangladesh with eggs – an excellent source of nutrition and income.
  • High energy peanut paste to provide babies with essential vitamins and minerals, protecting them from malnutrition.
  • Drought-resistant seeds to help vulnerable communities cope with climate change, and keeping thousands of children fed.
  • Cash transfers, so parents can buy the essentials they know their kids need.

Best of all, with full tummies, kids can see the fun and magic in everything – and anything! Donate today to help children see the wonder in the world.

Meet Fantastical Fawad*

 Fawad*, from India, grins after being given a banana by a stranger whilst on his way to the bathroom. Photo credit: CJ Clark / Save the Children
Fawad*, from India, grins after being given a banana by a stranger whilst on his way to the bathroom. A paper cut-out of a lion has been added to the picture. Photo credit: CJ Clark / Save the Children

"The lion runs away when he sees an elephant. I have seen it too in the market. It’s all real what I’ve seen."

It might look like Fawad's just seeing normal market-type stuff. But what he’s actually seeing are epic fantasies, amazing animals and magical flying characters!

His world is full of amazing things – but there’s a lot that makes real life tough. He used to sleep on the street; his dad is blind and can’t work. 

But now he gets to eat, learn, play and have fun with other kids at a shelter run by Save the Children. With a full tummy, it’s a place where he can let his imagination run wild!

* Name changed to protect identity

You can make a difference


Keep the magic alive for children like Fawad this Christmas. Your donation could help treat children with malnutrition, so they can see the wonder of the world again.

Protect the magic for children everywhere this Christmas.

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