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Education Against the Odds

Every day millions of marginalised children go against the odds – by managing to get to school and learn. Read more about their fight for an education in our new report 'Education against the odds'

On the front lines of a conflict. In the aftermath of an environmental disaster. Amid a mass of hastily pitched tarpaulins. Wherever and whatever the crisis, the voices of children all too often go unheard.

A vital part of Save the Children’s work is simply to ask children in crisis what they need. We reviewed data from rapid field surveys stretching back more than a decade, capturing the hopes and fears of more than 8,000 children in the toughest places on earth.

Time and time again, their answers are clear, unambiguous – and surprising. Even when food is scarce, water is dirty and medical care non-existent, children tell us they want one thing above all else: the chance to go to school. Faced with extreme adversity, children of all ages see education as the key to their safety, their health, their happiness and their future.

Children demand their right to an education

Click here to read a blog written by one of the authors of the report, Rasha Daya, on her own fight for education.
  • Education is allocated just 2% of funding in humanitarian emergencies
  • 262 million children – one in five globally – are denied an education.
  • Of 1,215 children surveyed in six countries, nearly one in three (29%) said education was their top priority 
  • It was three times the number who said they needed shelter (9%) or money (9%) most.