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Save the Children’s Global Malnutrition Initiative (GMI) prevents, diagnoses, and treats child acute* malnutrition in five fragile and conflict-affected contexts: the DRC, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.

The GMI pioneers innovative approaches to the treatment and management of acute malnutrition at the community level, whilst advocating for the adoption and scale-up of these approaches by our partners at the national and global level. It is situated within Save the Children’s significant health and nutrition portfolio. 

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented threat to both the progress we have made so far and our future plans. It is imperative that children and their families continue to receive life-saving treatment for acute malnutrition. And we must ensure that community health workers, on the frontline of the COVID-19 response, are given the protection, tools and training they need to deliver malnutrition treatment safely.

Given the scale of the crisis and its rapid onset, we are scaling up the GMI’s treatment activities to deal with the immediate risk for children and their families. We urgently need £1 million to help as many children and health workers as possible.

Please donate now

Together, we can save lives in the communities most at risk from malnutrition and COVID-19.

For more information, or to find out how you can help, please email Carolina Garcia Marengo

*Acute malnutrition is also known as ‘wasting’, when children are thin for their height because of acute food shortages or disease. Acute malnutrition is characterised by a rapid deterioration in nutritional status over a short period of time in children under five years of age.