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Every child dreams of a better future – wherever they happen to live.

But war, disasters and extreme poverty leave millions of children’s dreams shattered and broken.

We all know how resilient children can be. Given the chance, they can succeed against all odds.

But they need you to give them that chance – the chance to survive, to stay safe, to go to school, to build a better future.


Your support – often even the smallest act – can make a world of difference.

It has the power to change the course of a child’s whole life – with knock-on effects that can ripple out through families and whole communities, ultimately making the world a better place.

We know this, because we have seen children make it happen time and again – thanks to the support of people like you. The children above are just a few examples.

wHAT works for YOU?

You're not signing your life away – but you could transform a child’s.

You can change the amount you choose to contribute every month at any time. There are some suggested monthly amounts below, or you can choose whatever amount works best for you. You're joining a growing movement of people helping children to build a better world. 

Rather just give once?