Emergency Bake

Let's raise some serious dough

Hold a bake sale or coffee morning during the week of 26-31 March at your workplace, school or with friends, and raise money to help Yemen’s children in urgent need.

The war in Yemen is complicated, but this is simple: children are suffering and they need our help.

Hospitals are being bombed and aid is struggling to reach the children and familes that need it the most.

They are being forced to flee their homes, uprooted from all they know. They need food, water and medical treatment. They need to be protected and given the chance to just be children again.

By holding an Emergency Bake and raising money during the week of 26-31 March you’ll be helping our our teams on the ground save children’s lives in Yemen.

Just £8.50 could provide a family who’ve fled their homes with a day’s worth of water.

So host a bake sale at work or a coffee morning with friends, family or in your local community.

You’ll be in good company – people all across the UK will be holding their own Emergency Bakes and raising vital funds too.

Get inspired with our Emergency Bake resources.

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Emergency Bake FAQs

That’s not a problem. You can hold your Emergency Bake on whatever day suits you. Due to the urgency of the crisis, we recommend holding your Emergency Bake event as close to the week of 26-31 March as you can.

You can download your fundraising pack here. Please, remember to sign up so we can thank you for your fundraising.

Hold a bake sale or coffee morning between 26-31 March at your workplace, school or with friends, and raise money to help Yemen’s children in urgent need. Your fundraising pack includes great ideas to fundraise on the day. 

Since March 2015, the situation in Yemen – already the poorest country in the Middle East – has deteriorated into a living nightmare where children starve to death daily, and are shelled and bombed in their homes and schools.

Extreme hunger and disease are killing an estimated 130 children in Yemen every day.

We’re working around the clock to help children by:

  • Treating malnutrition and delivering food and vitamin supplements
  • Distributing hygiene kits to stop the spread of cholera and setting up treatment centres and oral rehydration points
  • Supplying communities with safe drinking water, hygiene kits and money for food
  • Giving them safe spaces where they can learn, play, and begin to come to terms with everything they've been through.

You can pay in online, by cheque or cash.

Paying in online

Follow this link to make a quick, secure payment.

Call our Supporter Care team on 020 7012 6400 or email supportercare@savethechildren.org.uk

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