Yemen Crisis Appeal

85000 children may have died from extreme hunger in Yemen

The war in Yemen has been raging for four years now which has left the country in the grip of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. 

Children are paying the heaviest price. They are facing a deadly triple threat - bombs, disease and hunger.

When they are not being bombed in their homes and schools, they are at risk of dying from entirely preventable causes - hunger, or treatable ilnesses and diseases. 

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An economic collapse has left many families unable to afford food and water. And millions of children don't know when or if their next meal will come. 

Yemen is on the brink of the worst famine in 100 years.

We are working tirelessly on the ground – as well as lobbying governments and politicians – doing whatever it takes to help save lives and protect futures. 

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Our response

  • Spanning nine governorates throughout the country, we’re treating sick and injured children through over 188 fixed health facilities, 21 hospitals and three mobile health and nutrition teams.
  • We're screening and treating children for malnutrition and responding to deadly disease outbreaks such as cholera and diphtheria.
  • We're making sure children have access to safe drinking water and essential hygiene items to prevent the spread of illness and disease. 
  • We're raising awareness in local communities of how to prevent hygiene related health risks and training health volunteers in the prevention and management of malnutrition.
  • We’ve established Child Friendly Spaces – safe spaces where children can learn, play, and begin the long journey to recovery. Through a wide range of activities such as arts and crafts, drama and sports, we try to restore a sense of normality and routine in children’s lives. This helps to strengthen their resilience and support their development, and it also gives them a chance to escape and just be children again. 
  • We're also delivering specialist psychosocial support to help children come to terms with the horrors they've experienced.
  • We’re running Community Awareness sessions on issues such as Gender Based Violence and Exploitation.



  • We're setting up temporary learning spaces so children don't miss out on an education. 
  • We're distributing essential school supplies like books, pens and teaching materials, so children have everything they need to continue their learning. 
  • For children who have already missed some school, we’re running Accelerated Learning Programmes to help them catch up with their classmates.
  • We're disitributing food baskets to young children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who are most at risk of becoming malnourished.
  • We're giving families cash and vouchers to buy food and medicines to stop them slipping into malnutrition and to bolster local markets. 

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