Uganda refugee crisis

Uganda refugee crisis

The fastest growing refugee crisis

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Our Emergency Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergencies like this. Your donation will go to children affected in disasters across the world.

Every minute a child is fleeing unimaginable violence in South Sudan.

The escalating conflict, drought and famine has forced nearly one million people into neighbouring Uganda.

Over 500,000 children have escaped. They are arriving terrified, hungry and often alone.

Our CEO Kevin Watkins, who recently met refugees on the border said:

“The numbers are extraordinary – at times up to 3000 people flood over the border each day, the majority are women and children. 

It's fast becoming the largest African refugee displacement since the Rwandan genocide.” 

With the huge influx of arrivals, vital services in refugee camps are at breaking point. 

Save the Children UK CEO Kevin Watkins speaks with a Venetia, 9, a child refugee from South Sudan.

Save the Children UK CEO Kevin Watkins speaks with Venetia, 9, an unaccompanied minor refugee from South Sudan. Venetia lives in Imvepi refugee settlement in northern Uganda. She fled South Sudan because of war, and came to Uganda with a group of unrelated people because her parents were killed. She now lives with a foster parent and several other unaccompanied minors in a basic tent.

How we're helping families fleeing Uganda

  • We’re delivering emergency schooling to refugees, constructing permanent class rooms and delivering top up classes for those who have fallen behind.
  • We're running child friendly spaces to provide a safe place for children to play and recover from the distressing experiences they've been through.
  • We’ve deployed our emergency health team to provide life-saving primary health care to the refugee population, treating children for diseases like malaria.

But we urgently need to do more. 

Donate to our Emergency Fund today to help child refugees and other children in emergencies around the world.


Model and Save the Children ambassador Adwoa Aboah meets Rose*(Suarez), who fled South Sudan with her twin and is are now living with a foster parent in Imvepi refugee camp, Uganda.

Model and Save the Children ambassadorAdwoa Aboah meets Rose* (Suarez), who fled South Sudan with her twin and isA are now living with a foster parent in Imvepi refugee camp, Uganda.

Rose and her twin Ruth lived with their grandmother in South Sudan and fled when the fighting started – the grandmother was shot in the leg before they fled so they had to cross the border alone.

Rose is nicknamed ‘Suarez’ because she is so good at football and she has formed a girls football team. If she can't be a footballer, she would like to become Minister of Sports in Uganda.

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How your money could help

£2.50 could pay for a measles vaccination for a child caught up in an emergency.
£12.00 could buy a child's schoolbag kit containing essential learning equipment such as exercise books and stationery.
£20.00 could provide a child with a safe place to play for one year.

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