Two young children who fled Myanmar when their village was attacked.

Rohingya Crisis Appeal

Military attacks against the Rohingya erupted across the northern Rakhine state in Myanmar in late August.

There have been horrific reports of massacres, of homes set ablaze, of villages burned to the ground. Some have seen loved ones killed in front of them and faced appalling human rights violations.

In a matter of months, more than 350,000 children have been forced to abandon their homes in search of safety.

They have escaped into neighbouring Bangladesh crowding into makeshift settlements. They’ve lost everything and many are malnourished, exhausted and traumatised. Worrying numbers are arriving alone, separated from their families amid the chaos.

They are in urgent need of food, shelter and healthcare. And the risk of disease, exploitation, abuse and trafficking is high. A recent outbreak of diphtheria has seen the situation deteriorate further.

As temperatures drop with the onset of winter, children’s lives are at an even greater risk. Serious illness caused by the cold conditions threatens those already weakened by malnutrition or disease.

With so many children dependent on humanitarian aid to survive, time is running out. We must act now. Please donate today.


  • We’re providing food and shelter to children who are hungry and scared
  • Our Emergency Health Unit – a world-class team of doctors, nurses and logistics experts – is in Bangladesh, delivering vital health, nutrition and hygiene care and fighting to prevent the spread of disease.
  • We’re protecting children and supporting their emotional wellbeing to help them come to terms with the horrors they’ve faced.
  • We’re helping those who are lost and alone to trace their families, and have opened safe spaces where children can play and just be children again.
  • We’re running temporary learning centres to ensure children’s education is not put on hold.


  • £4 could pay for a jerry can to transport and store water
  • £12 could provide a hygiene kit with bucket, towels, cloths, soap, shampoo and laundry detergent
  • £15 could provide enough medicines and supplies to ensure the safe delivery of a baby in one of our health facilities
  • £19 could provide an emergency shelter kit with tarpaulin and rope
  • £36 could pay for a box of 150 sachets of Ready-to use therapeutic food which is high energy, fortified food, suitable for the treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition.

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