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The coronavirus crisis is hitting vulnerable children hardest.  Unless we act now, millions will go hungry, lack lifesaving healthcare and miss out on life-changing education. With your help we can stop the pandemic blighting the rest of their lives.

Change the future. Donate now.

Your support will help keep children alive, protected and learning. If we act fast, communities will be prepared and resilient and together, we can help families get through this. 

Please support our Coronavirus Appeal

our response in:

How we're helping children around the world

Making sure they’re safe

  • Focusing our efforts on families in refugee camps, war zones and urban slums who are most vulnerable to the virus.
  • Putting measures in place to prevent infection - especially where it’s virtually impossible to practice social distancing and safe hand-washing.
  • In Yemen, we have redeployed our efforts to vital training of health workers and community sensitisation. 
  • In Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, we’re helping Rohingya refugee families learn how to protect themselves against the virus and building a brand-new isolation and treatment centre.

Keeping children healthy

  • Providing protective equipment, medical supplies and training for local health workers for areas where cases are already high
  • In Kenya, we’ve been providing PPE and hand sanitiser to health facilities. We’re also helping some of the most isolated communities, setting up handwashing stations and going door-to-door with information and resources.
  • In Malawi and other countries, we’re training local health workers to treat common illnesses in the community and spot the signs of COVID-19.
  • Continuing other life-saving work to prevent killer diseases like pneumonia and malnutrition.

Making sure children can keep learning

  • Helping children to learn remotely by giving guidance to parents on how to support their children’s learning.
  • Getting books and educational resources to the poorest families - and supporting children to return to school when it’s safe.
  • In North West Syria we are distributing mobile sim cards that allow families to connect to the internet where possible and access learning materials. 
  • In Italy, we’ve been helping the children and teenagers who are out of school, distributing tablets, books and educational games to children from low-income families.


How your donations help

Your support can help provide:

  • £17 could provide training for local health workers
  • £39 could buy handwashing kits to families to help protect themselves against COVID-19
  • £128 could buy 15 litres of disinfectant to help sanitise a medical clinic
  • £2,818 could buy 250 children in Yemen a ‘school in a bag’ kit to make sure kids don’t miss out on their education


Our Coronavirus response in Yemen

We're doing all we can to help keep children alive, healthy and learning through the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) and Infection Prevention and Control materials to over 100 health facilities
  • providing training to 180 health facilities
  • raising awareness about the disease through our health centres and community volunteers



Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh is home to more than three million people, including 855,000 Rohingya refugees. Save the Children is a leading healthcare provider in Cox’s Bazar and we are working to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and treat patients with the virus by:

  • providing community-based care and information  to children and adults, so they understand how to protect themselves and their family members. 
  • opening a COVID-19 isolation and treatment centre run by trained health professionals, including medical experts from Save the Children’s Emergency Health Unit.   


Helping children in the UK

Here at home, the families of our poorest kids are struggling even more than they were before to make ends meet. 

That’s why we've acted quickly to put in place an emergency grants programme. 

The grants will help them purchase basic items and food. These are small grants – but they can make a big difference. 

In the UK, your donations can provide household items and help with bills to families in crisis.

Find out more about our coronavirus response in the UK.

Your donation will support communities directly affected by this crisis, both in the UK and globally. Where donations exceed the appeal target, they will be used wherever the need is greatest


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