Gerald & the typhoon

In November 2013, a then 9-year-old Gerald survived Typhoon Haiyan. When it first struck, he was the one who shepherded his family to safety.

He evacuated them from their homes to a nearby school, where they sheltered while the typhoon destroyed the area around them.

the houses DANCED in the wind

“The houses looked as if they were dancing in the wind before they collapsed and the winds were getting stronger and stronger. My father was blown from here to the church!" exclaimed Gerald.

Luckily, he and the family were all ok. In fact, you can even listen to Gerald doing his best impression of the typhoon. We're still in touch with him and his family and he's still the same energetic force for good we met six years ago. He's thriving, still inseparable from his family – especially his sister.

He's also become a skilled surfer. 

With your support we were able to...
  • provide tarpaulins to help protect homes in the area from the rain
  • distribute hygiene kits including hygiene essentials to keep clean and avoid water-based diseases
  • install emergency toilets in case plumbing stopped working
  • distribute cash to buy crucial food supplies

Your support meant we were able to repair classrooms and promote good hygiene at Gerald's primary school, where we've also trained him to be a member of the Water, Sanitation and Hygeine club.

This means that at school and in his community he's able to instruct on good hygiene essentials.

Gerald giving his sister, Shirley-Mae, a piggyback.

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