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Two brilliant brothers

Leolida scoops up his 18-month-old brother Lawrence, kisses him, and throws him in the air. 

He is determined to keep his little brother’s spirits up. “He is not hungry when you play with him, he is just happy," says Leolida.

The boys live in Turkana County, Kenya. Life in this arid region can be hard, and they often don’t have enough to eat.


The brothers have an incredible bond. “Lawrence is my little brother that I love very much, and I would do anything to help him,” says Leolida.

Sometimes Leolida goes to bed hungry because he has given his food to Lawrence. But it’s not always enough. Malnutrition is a constant danger.

Luckily, when Lawrence got sick, our community health volunteer Mark was there to give him the medicine and nutritious food he needed to get better. 

Now, Lawrence gets regular check-ups to make sure he’s staying strong and healthy.

As for Leolida, seeing his brother get better has inspired him to have big ambitions. “I want to become a doctor,” he says, “so I can help other young children like my brother Lawrence.”

Leolida, 12, feeds his younger brother Lawrence in Turkana region, Kenya.


Where Leolida and Lawrence live, malnutrition is common – putting children at risk of killer diseases like pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea.

We’re training community volunteer health workers who can: 

  • go door-to-door, bringing healthcare to people’s homes,
  • diagnose and treat child malnutrition straight away,
  • carry out regular check-ups to make sure children are getting better,
  • offer advice to pregnant mothers,
  • give essential care to newborn babies