Over the last 25 years, we’ve been part of a remarkable story of progress. Since 1990, child mortality has almost halved.

But despite this leap forward, there’s a danger we are leaving many children behind – because they are poor, because they are girls or because of their ethnicity.

5.9 million children still die each year, many from causes that could be prevented, such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. Rates of newborn babies’ deaths are not coming down fast enough, and malnutrition remains a stubborn challenge.

We’re determined to change this. We’re putting pressure on governments and working with global partners to improve health for millions. Every day, our doctors, nurses and health teams are saving lives in hard-to-reach communities around the world.

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The Emergency Health Unit's Cholera Treatment Unit in Pemba, northern Mozambique after Cyconne Kenneth struck earlier in the year.