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Fundraising tips

Want to be a champion fundraiser? Check out our top tactics below!

Hey! Coach Christmas here.
Safety first, people!

Christmas Jumper Day is gonna look a little bit different this year for all of us - but no matter if you're in a classroom, an office or at home on a computer, I've got some fun and COVID-safe tips below to help you raise money and make the world a way better place for children.

Whether you're fundraising with a playground or office jumper challenge, a socially distanced Christmas party or a virtual quiz, make sure you're keeping safe and having fun! 

Got some of your own awesome ideas on COVID-safe ways to raise money? Share them on the #christmasjumperday hashtag on social media to help other people too!

Ideas to get you started

Christmas Jumper Day family


Mute button penalty - every time someone talks on mute, they have to donate to Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Carol-oke - Christmas has all the best tunes. So crack out your laptop, get on Zoom and get everyone involved in a Christmas singalong. Charge £2 to take part, and extra for requests

Quarantine quiz - if you're an organisation, match donations to the number of people who join - the more people who join, the more money you raise!


Coach Christmas for Christmas Jumper Day 2020


11 Days of Jumpers - think you can take the heat? Wear your jumper for 11 days in a row - no matter where you are

Jumping jumper - get sponsored to do a challenge with a twist. You could run 10k in a jumper, cycle to the next town and back, or star jump in a jumper for as long as you can!

Most jumpers - how many jumpers can you put on in 30 seconds? Challenge yourself and your buddies (just make sure you have a glass of water nearby - all those jumpers can get super warm!)


Staying Safe

handwashing for COVID19 safety

  1. With how fast everything changes, it can be hard to keep up! The best way to make sure your event follows the most up-to-date guidelines is to check the UK government's coronavirus website 

  2. If you're feeling unwell, don't take part in the event and instead follow government guidance on immediate self-isolation

  3. Use face coverings like masks to protect yourself and others
  4. Wash your hands regularly, using soap and water or with a hand sanitiser (if soap and water aren't available)

  5. Keep at least a 2m distance from other people

  6. Where possible, don't handle cash. Pay in online using our form (this'll be live here nearer the time!) or via our super-friendly team on the phone at 0808 281 0131

  7. If it's not possible to pay in any other way except cash, visit our FAQs page for more recommendations on how to do this safely