Protecting children in crisis

Children in Conflict Appeal

With The Sunday Times

What is The Sunday Times Christmas Appeal?

This year's Sunday Times Christmas Appeal is raising money for our efforts in the Rohingya, Yemen and Syria crises.

Millions of children’s lives are being torn apart by conflict across Myanmar, Yemen and Syria, creating the largest humanitarian disaster of our time. 

They are facing unimaginable horrors, many have watched their family and friends killed and maimed in front of them. In Myanmar and Syria, children have been forced to flee for their lives.

Food, water and shelter is scarce. Children are in desperate need of essential medical care. The risk of disease outbreaks are threatening more children’s lives every day. 

In many cases, children are separated from their parents – alone, afraid and vulnerable.

We need to act now to stop more children suffering the consequences of conflicts that aren’t theirs.  

Our teams are on the ground doing whatever it takes to support children and save lives but we need your help to do more.

We need to protect children in conflict

what we are doing

We’re doing whatever it takes to save lives and help children recover.
  • Our emergency teams are on the ground getting children immediate life-saving supplies – food, safe water, shelter and medical aid.
  • We’re treating children suffering from malnutrition.
  • We’re providing the expert psychological support they need to deal with their traumatic experiences.
  • We’ve created safe spaces for children to learn, play, and come to terms with everything they’ve been through.
  • We’re helping those who are lost and alone to trace their families.
  • We’re delivering vital health, nutrition and hygiene care that will help families fight the spread of disease.
  • And we’re making sure they don’t miss out on an education – or the chance of a future.

Hanida's story

Rohingya mum, Hanida, gave birth to her baby on the side of the road. Watch her story below.

How you can help

Time is running out for so many children caught up in these crises. We must act now.

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