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Rohingya children have hope, two years after suffering atrocities

Two years have passed since the beginning of the current Rohingya crisis, when children lived through and escaped mass atrocities at the hands of the Myanmar authorities.

They saw their parents killed right in front of them, witnessed their homes being burnt to the ground, and faced the trauma of fleeing for safety from the villages and places they’ve known all their lives. These are things no child should ever have to go through.

Two years on, hundreds of thousands of children are still living in makeshift shelters in refugee camps, dreaming of feeling safe enough to return to their homes. Almost 500,000 Rohingya children are in need of humanitarian assistance in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. And 17% of those children are suffering from severe mental health issues as a result of the atrocities they experienced.

But Rohingya children are strong. They’re overcoming what they’ve been through. They still have hopes and dreams for the future, just like every other child.

I want to share their stories with you – and show you how you can help make their dreams a reality.

Tomal* dreams of being a news reporter

Tomal * poses for a photo. Tomal * is a Rohingya refugee boy who lives with his grandparents in the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. He lives with his grandparents as he thinks the facilities are better.

“I want to be a journalist. The world’s people need to know all about us because we are refugees.” Tomal*

Tomal* wants to be a news reporter. He wants to share stories and information with the world in order to inform people. With a little help from Save the Children, he’s learning to interview people and present news. He wants to interview other Rohingya children, to share their stories with the world and show that Rohingya children have hope.

Tomal* started off by interviewing his friend Jannat*. He spoke to her about why she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, how she felt about fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh, and what her hopes for the future are for the Rohingya.  “I want all the children to play in a place like this” Jannat* said to Tomal*, “and I want our Rohingya people to become teachers and religious leaders.”

Hear Tomal and Jannat’s stories in this video:

Rohingya children have high hopes for the future

Rohingya children have been through so much in the last two years. They have experienced things that no child ever should, and they’ve had to leave their homes and lives behind. But these children show that despite all this they still hope for a better future. They dream of where life will take them, of being journalists and teachers – of helping to make the world a better place.

But they need to see that people in the UK and around the world stand with them.

Show Rohingya children you’ll fight with them to make those dreams a reality

Tomal* shared the experiences and dreams of Rohingya children to show the world what they’ve been through, what they need, and what they’re fighting for. Two years on from the beginning of this crisis, we need to remind them that we stand with them and that we will be fighting with them.

Tomal* has heard from Rohingya children what they hope for the future. Now he wants to hear from you.

Use our online form to send a message of hope and support to Rohingya children. Stand with them today and show how you’ll help make that future a reality.

Send them a message of hope today

*Names changed to protect the identity of those involved.

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