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Coaching for Life advocates demand action on children’s rights

Written by Zahra, 13 and Farhan, 15; two participants in Coaching for Life, Save the Children’s co-created project with The Arsenal Foundation which aims to build the resilience of children affected by conflict and violence in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan and the city slums of Jakarta, Indonesia. Children participating in the programme have been given advocacy training and a platform to speak out about the issues that matter to them. From 3rd to 6th November, in celebration of 30 years since the inception of the United Nation’s Convention of the Rights of the Child, Coaching for Life Child Advocacy Committee members travelled to Amman, Jordan to exchange ideas on child rights successes and violations, and agreed action plans to make change happen in their cochild advocacy jordan, mmunities.

We Demand Action on Children’s Rights

Many have fought hard for child rights so that children like us can enjoy equality, freedom, peace, hope and dignity. Yet, despite many achievements, violations still occur over our world, including war, child marriage, child labour and violence.

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to meet other child advocates taking part in Coaching for Life. We travelled from Jakarta, Indonesia and others from Za’atari camp, Jordan to Amman to take part in advocacy workshops and learn how to speak out about the issues that matter to us locally, nationally and globally.

Coaching for Life Advocate Farhan demanding action on children's rights
Coaching for Life Advocate, Farhan

We decided to raise the issue of child labour and exploitation because we believe children should not go to work. They should play and learn. If children go to work, they lose their cheerful childhood. It increases poverty in their neighbourhood and means they are less ready to go out in the world when they are adults. We shared how in Jakarta, Indonesia, our own friends were told by their parents and other adults to busk, sell goods at traffic lights and even beg in the street.

Coaching for Life Advocate Zahara demanding action on children's rights
Coaching for Life Advocate Zahara demanding action on children’s rights

We hope the government and world leaders pay more attention to children who are victims of exploitation by going directly to the regions. Our recommendation is that governments and world leaders build schools to accommodate children living in communities where there isn’t enough money for food, clothes, medicine, or education and finally stop the exploitation of children.

So that children in the world can continue their childhood happily and peacefully without violence and pressure from anyone.

Our question to world leaders is: How will you realise our recommendations?

We know we still have a long, hard work in fulfillment of child rights in the world. Let us continue our commitment to provide the best for children across the world.

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