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How to fight the Christmas craziness and keep it simple

Christmas calendar packed, you stagger from festive gathering to choir concert to nativity play, lukewarm mulled wine in one hand and mince pie in the other, trying to remember the names of your friend’s children/pets and when you need to leave in order to arrive fashionably late at that party you’re not too sure you wanted to go to in the first place.

Arriving home, not-so-festive kebab in hand you’re greeted by the ever-growing guilt that the Nordmann Fir Christmas tree which nearly put your back out is an environmental disaster. Plus your cat keeps trying to fight it.

There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the knowledge that there seems to be more presents than ever to buy each year, and with all the gift guides out there, choice distress is real. As is the carbon footprint of all those ASOS parcels you keep getting delivered searching for that ever elusive, mystical item: the perfect Christmas party outfit.

Christmas has gone crazy, and somewhere along the way, you worry you may be heading that way too.

Making it simple

At Save the Children, we’re aware that Christmas seems to be getting more and more complicated. Alongside that, this year has brought more than its fair share of challenges, and its easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

Aside from extravagant gift lists and letters to Santa, or your own hopes for what you’ll find under the tree come December 25th, there are children in the UK and around the world wishing for something so much simpler. They just want to stay safe, healthy and keep learning, so they can become who they want to be in the year ahead.

So while you’re giving to those you love, or out shopping for your work secret Santa, why not give a gift that’ll go to someone you can be sure will really appreciate it. By giving to Save the Children this Christmas you’ll be doing a simple thing that could make a huge difference.

It’s that simple: By giving a little present, you could change children’s futures. And at this crazy time of year, it’s great to do at least one thing that makes sense.

Donate at Christmas

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