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You #MadeitHappen: Celebrating success at Save the Children

At times it can feel like nothing we give is ever enough, and that no matter how much we care, we can’t make a difference. Although this couldn’t be further from the truth, it is vital as a charity to address these feelings that supporters can share. At Save the Children we know how important it is to recognise and celebrate progress – even as we accept how far there still is to go. Here’s where #MadeItHappen comes in.

Joining forces

This Monday 19th November 2018 we are joining forces with charities across the sector to thank supporters, and to show the difference charities and supporters make together in a social media campaign using the hashtag #MadeItHappen.  The initiative, set up collaboratively with NCVO, CharityComms, Small Charities Coalition, FSI, the Institute of Fundraising and ACEVO was designed simply to publicly thank supporters for their help. At the same time, it functions as a brilliant example of how the sector works together for a common goal, with no purpose other than recognition for those who enable them to do the work they do.

NCVO’s Aidan Warner says: “(The public) want to know about the difference their support has made. They want to know how their donations, their volunteer hours, have helped. We know thousands of charities around the country make a real difference every day. And we know that between us the impact we have on the country and the world is massive.”

Watch our #madeithappen thank you video

Our video showcases our incredible fundraisers, like Joe, still smiling after a very long run and ambitious target. It highlights the invaluable work of our campaigners – from those delivering the 33,012 petitions pushing for Early Years teachers in our UK nurseries, and every person who took the time to sign their name. To everyone who took a stand and stood up for Yemen’s children, and all the people we couldn’t feature in this short film. Our volunteers in shops across the country, and in countries around the world, all of our monthly givers and one off donors.

We are thankful for every person; we simply couldn’t do what we do without you. You #MadeItHappen.

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